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3 responses to “Whatever happened to open government and open policy? A scorecard”

  1. Guerilla Voice: If consultation isn’t working, where’s the alternative?

    [...] answer is ‘very little’. A month ago, we did a quick ‘scorecard’ on ‘whatever happened to open government and open policy?‘ We noted that open government and open policy are ambitious agendas and that the Government [...]

  2. Shadow politics: Tinkering with the rules around lobbying won’t clean-up politics – abolishing lobbying will

    [...] week show glimpses of the shadow politics in action, and how it is fundamentally opposite to the ‘open policymaking’ the Government says it believes [...]

  3. The four hypocrisies of the Lobbying Act

    […] a monopoly on expertise”. But the Government’s progress on open policymaking has been mixed at best. (Ironically, the Government’s first use of its Contestable Policy Fund, meant to support open […]